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photoshop work

pixar university posters

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Adviertisement posters I did as a temp Pixar University Assistant at Pixar Animation Studios. These were printed out and placed around the studio, encouraging employees to attend guest lectures and other internal events. This collection represents a specific set of posters I made.

Each poster was made with images sent by the guests (PR-approved by their own company) or found through Google Images. I do not claim to own any of the content- my job was to arrange appealing posters for Pixar's internal, non-profitable use only.

By request of Pixar, I cannot openly share these unless I am interviewing and want to show them to you as a part of my job application.

If I am in contact with you concerning a position and have agreed to share this work, please email me at for the site password.

comic typesetting and editing

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As a freelancer for a typesetting team, I edit popular Korean comics for English-based audiences while maintaining the integrety of the artist’s vision. This includes inserting translated phrases into speech bubbles and editing Korean found in any part of the art.

illustrator work

infographics for college news paper

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During Summer 2014, I worked for UC Berkeley’s student newspaper, The Daily Cal, as an on-call infographics artist. These images have also been physically printed with their articles.